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Are you ready to finally discover that unique piece to set your wardrobe apart? From the daring to the modest, Visus offers an assortment of belts that are sure to elevate the couture of any closet, while still matching with the clothes you already have! With the latest styles, at unreasonably reasonable prices, Visus gives a new name to "ballin on a budget". So check out the site and feel free to "ball out", because if you're rocking Visus, you're ballin no doubt!


About Us

Shopping online has never been more rewarding. Our selection of belts includes stunning pieces for every size, budget and color palette. All products are sourced domestically from within the US and all buckles/ embellishments are made out of Stainless Steel or aluminum- No cheap plastic pieces.

If you want to learn more about “us” though, you’ll need to learn a little more about me. So, hello! I’m Derrick, I’m the founder and Creative Director of Visus. Actually check that, what’s up?! If you’re on this site, then we’re already homies in my eyes. So welcome, this is where my creativity lives. While I would love nothing more than for you to buy one (or more) of my belts; more than anything, I want you all to view this company as a refusal to give up on a dream, despite how your life course may appear on the exterior. Whether it’s a passion or a casual interest, if it makes you happy, find time for it and don’t let anything stop you. That’s why I promise all of you that I will put my all into this company, in order to give each and everyone of you the best customer experience possible. As we grow together, rest assured, every member of this organization will share that same drive as we nurture a culture of diversity, inclusion, and integrity- regarding not only our business practices, but how we live our lives.


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