0.75" Black Prototype Belt- Black Buckle

0.75" Black Prototype Belt- Black Buckle

SKU: 36253561235721

Primary Color: Black

Secondary Color: White

Accent Color: Pink

Buckle Color: Black


  • Aluminum Adjustable Length Side Release Buckle 
  • Handstitched and strength tested to ensure a quality assibily guaranteed to last.
  • Belt strap is 0.75 inches in width.
  • Sizing

    While we here at Vīsus love to have our belts hang low, we understand not everyone may want to style their belt this way. The "size" you choose- Short, Medium, Long, Extra-Long, determines how many inches of additional material will be added to your waist size and ultimately how low the belt will hang. (Below are rough estimates and are intended to be measurements from the first belt loop beyond the buckle after the belt has been fastened.)


    Short- No hang

    Medium- 4in hang

    Long- 9in hang

    Extra Long- 13in hang